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not all who wander are lost

Flipflop Gypsies?  Having lived the last 25 years in Florida with a continuing passion for travel and adventure, it seems to fit.  Cruising 3 years and 34,000 miles on a sailboat, wandering through Morocco from Tangiers to Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakesh on an open air train (The Marrakesh Express), Spain, Bermuda and Puerto Rico are just some of the adventures we’ve enjoyed.  Our life has been a little bit different than typical suburbia, from potty training our first child in airports on the run,  to catching a 10 foot Blue Marlin off San Juan, Puerto Rico, we’ve always pursued the quest for adventure.  On this blog site we hope to take you along on our next adventure.


You’ll find our blog to highlight many of the great places we visit, experiences that impacted us and a touch of humor thrown in.  We share some lessons we learn on the road and an occasional thought provoking segway that might make you go….hmmmm.Coby

We’re a married couple who are not yet retired and blessed with grown children, cherished grandchildren, and a yellow lab who loves ice cream and beer.

We are travelling North America in our Monaco Windsor motorhome.  It’s not the latest model off the assembly line, but it’s comfortable and for now, it’s home.  We’ve equipped it with 2 computer workstations Rig Photo with carand set it up as a WiFi Hotspot to allow us to continue with our work as we travel.  Last August we sold our house in Florida for this new adventure to discover the backroads and byways of America.  We are towing an Explorer on our travels and if you travel with us you’ll find that we will move from one RV Park to the next and use the Motorhome as our basecamp as we trek out with the Explorer to discover the sights and experience the local culture along the journey.


So, without further adieu, let’s hit the road!

Here's to you